FISTS EAST ASIA Membership Renewal


The administration of FISTS East Asia chapter (FEA) has introduced an annual membership renewal procedure to keep the FEA membership list updated. This also aims to maintain communication among the members. ALL FEA members who wish to retain their membership are kindly requested to send renew(a) (please replace '(a)' with '@'.) an e-mail message by March 31 with "FISTS EAST ASIA Membership Renewal - Your Call/SWL No" in the subject line. The message body should be blank.

If you joined FEA between March 1 and March 31 you don't need to send an e-mail for renewal. If we do not receive this e-mail from you, it will be assumed that you do not wish to retain your FEA membership any more.

Any members who do not follow this procedure are subject to deletion of membership. However, former members are always welcome to rejoin and would retain the original FISTS number. Pleae let us know your (old) callsign and your FISTS number (if you remember it) when you want to rejoin us.

Please keep us updated with your valid e-mail address so that you will not miss any important announcements from FEA.


QTC - March 2021

We have changed our policy so that "Annual confirmation" will be "Confirmation every four years." We will send the next confirmation email in 2024. Please let us know in advance if you change your email address.


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